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Rp 450.000


Rp 450.000
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Blueberry Diapers This Blueberry Deluxe Pocket Diaper is made with a waterproof outer lined with microfleece,It's adjustable in both size and absorbency. Adjust the size as your baby grows. You can use it on most babies that range from 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kgs). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store, a long car ride, or maybe even overnight.Two rows of snaps for adjusting the size as your baby grows. An outer layer of laminated polyester knit keeps wetness in, and an inner layer of soft microfleece to provide your baby with that stay dry comfort. One microterry insert is included

Bluberry Diapers Deluxe Pocket fabric content:

Outer layer: 100% polyester laminate.
Inner Lining: 100% polyester
Inserts Fabric Content: 80% polyester, 20% nylon

Made in the USA


Keterangan :

Blueberry Deluxe adalah salah satu varian dari produk Blueberry Cloth Diaper.
Outer Blueberry Deluxe terbuat dari polyester yang dilaminasi dengan Polyurethane yang waterproof.
Inner Blueberry terbuat dari bahan soft microfleece berkualitas tinggi, sangat lembut, membuat kulit bayi tetap kering dan tidak ruam.
Blueberry Deluxe tersedia dalam snap closure dan Hook n Loop closure, dapat digunakan oleh bayi dengan berat badan 3,4-16 kg.
Blueberry menyediakan 2 macam bahan insert (penyerap) yaitu
- Blueberry Microterry insert :
merupakan bahan berdaya serap tinggi, cepat menyerap dan cepat kering saat pencucian. Microterry insert Blueberry terbuat dari 80% polyester & 20% polyamide.
Dalam paket Blueberry Deluxe sudah termasuk 2 pcs insert Mterry 3 layer berukuran kecil dan 4 layer berukuran panjang yang dapat disesuaikan ukurannya kedalam ukuran medium atau large.
- Blueberry Bamboo Insert : insert bambu blueberry
merupakan bahan berdaya serap tinggi, lebih banyak menampung cairan dibandingkan bahan Mterry, namun bahan Bamboo cukup lama keringnya saat pencucian dibandingkan Mterry.
Bamboo insert Blueberry terbuat dari 70% bamboo viscoose dan 30% organic cotton.
Dalam paket Blueberry Deluxe sudah termasuk 2 pcs insert.
Size insert :
Small Insert: 5x12
Medium setting for larger insert: 5x14
Large setting for larger insert: 5x16
Sizing Blueberry Cloth Diaper :
Weight Range: 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kg)
Waist: 9-21 (23-53 cm)
Thighs: 4-12.5 (10-32 cm)
Rise: 13.5-18.5 (34-47 cm)

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